Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Welcome Campaign to Put an End to Rudeness in France

It seems even the French tired of the rude reputation that has been their calling card of sorts, for so many years.  

Oui, we are rude"

One British newspaper article even pegged the French as being "renowned for their lack of manners," adding that "not just tourists" were annoyed by  the snooty "attitude of the French."  

RATP, Paris's transport authority, has launched a campaign against rudeness this summer.  The posters, which feature human bodies with the heads of animals, show a sense of humor along with a dash of reality.  French teacher and author, Cécile Ernst, said that rules of civility were thrown out the window, when strict social conventions were contested in the 1960s.  Adding, “People do not feel nostalgia for the social codes themselves, but for the rules marking respect for others and the desire to live together.”                                               

Don't think it is simply the tourists who are annoyed by the selfish or snooty behavior of the French.  A "top 10" list of the "most annoying behaviors" of a study done by the RATP, had French commuters with "loud, mobile phone chatter" topping that list.  The study was done merely 2 years after foreigners visiting Paris had voted Parisians "the rudest people in Europe."
 Parisian sunbathers are now warned 'no breasts, no private parts'  too, so it is not just commuters in hot water over behavior. French authorities have issued new "sun bathing rules" that come with a hefty price tag if one decides to ignore the rules.  Of the warnings to the French who wish to sunbathe, this makes things pretty clear; “But please note that bathing suits should not be worn in official city parks and that dress should be decent and in accordance with good morals and public order.” Anyone caught wearing “inappropriate dress” faces a maximum 3750 euro fine ($4385) and 2 years in jail, if it is suspected one is soliciting sex.

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  1. Have always wanted to go. Maybe I will do just that! It sounds like they are making an effort to be more gracious. Everyone need polish now and then.