Monday, January 7, 2013

Etiquette, Ethics and Journalistic Standards


All the News That's Not Fit to Print, Nor Spread 

Below is an actual news story headline; 

Braless ***** ***** looks disheveled as she heads out for coffee without her engagement ring

Why do formerly, serious newspapers and news shows pass on gossip? Better still, why print this gossipy, non-news garbage?  Because evidently, it sells.  And as that is the case, it is getting much harder to distinguish any news from fluff, or gossip pieces.

There is a website I used to read nightly.  It was where I got interesting news stories to pass on to friends and family members. More than the news I get from my favorite cable channel, and my sister from hers.  We would swap photos and stories and send them out to friends who shared our interests.  Not any longer.

Over the last 6 months, what used to be a story a story or two I might see on a site like TMZ, or pass by on the cover of the National Enquirer in line at the local grocers, has evolved into a half of what this newspaper's website prints.  There is no escaping these stories now.  I have no clue what happened.  Sure, they still have interesting stories on their Science page and other headlines of actual newsworthy stories, but the gossip seems to have taken over.  I now check the site only from interesting health, science or historic stories that they tweet.  That way I am not subjected to the headlines I sampled for this post tonight.  These are all actual headlines, with the names of the people removed.  I don't want to promote any more than they are already promoted.

You see, my sister and I have a theory.  We share this theory with many others.  If they would stop publishing the poor manners, bad behavior and trash these people put out as 'entertainment", maybe more young people today would be less interested in following in their footsteps.  Bad behavior should not be promoted, praised, nor rewarded.  

When we were young, we were taught never to "air our dirty laundry in public".  Now we understand why; It is ugly and smelly!  No one really wanted to see it, but more and more, people are taking a look and thinking they can do it too.  After all, following in the footsteps of those with the dirty laundry exposed, they can see a trail of faux-fame, faux-celebrity, and, for a time, money. The smelly laundry starts to get a bit sweeter to them and finally we wind up with what we have now on television; The Honey BooBoos, Kate Gosselins, Snookis, Situations, Salahis and Dina Lohans of the world.  Follow at your own peril, youngsters, stage moms and dads.  Dodge the reality show and show business bullets if at all possible.  Otherwise, you too will wind up a hideous shell of your former self, drunk and dancing nude over camera lenses.

'You're an ******!' a pop singer tells fellow t.v. show judge  what she really thinks and makes fun of his 'man cleavage'  on a late-night comedy talk show

I do not watch that particular late-night show for a reason... that is a good example of the reason

Rap-singer smokes a bong lit by his 18-year-old son in controversial new pictures! 

Yes, they are very controversial.  So why are you showing them?

Should've bought the bigger size? A "fashionista" regrets tiny string bikini as she covers modesty during birthday beach trip

Is it possible this young woman your paper names, and dubs a 'fashionista', (honestly I do not recognize her name, nor do I know what 'fashionista' means) is covering up from your camera lens!  She was obviously not enjoying walking around covering herself there, in all of those snaps you took.  Shame on you, cameraman!

'She was straddling cameras naked!' Some Housewife's wild antics are too extreme... even for the show she is on

Then why are you printing every detail of these two women on their holiday in the Caribbean?  Certainly if it is too extreme for a reality program, why is it fit to print in a newspaper? 

I welcome any thought my readers may have on this subject, as I am at a loss for more words at the apparent lack of journalistic standards and ethics these news outlets display.


  1. Due to the growing numbers of t.v. channels, magazines & press, networks and news outlets, they are desperate to keep people's attention.

  2. I agree with the comment above, but will add that most magazines are fighting with the Internet for readers, as well as this economy that seems to never improve. They are mostly adverts now, so desperation is what they are dealing with, along with folding for good. I still subscribe, but to very few.